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  1. me? I was fine until today
    and what about yourself?
    do you know? My place never snows
  2. Hey, how are you today? Have you been getting any snow?
  3. heheheheheheh.....................................
    have good sleep
    C U
  4. yeah . . . I'll see you again
    I also have to go to a place now
    because here is noon
  5. Que? (THIS IS FILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!pickel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  6. Do not say that
    because I was too. . .
    so I ask you
  7. Thats good then, well i hate to do this, but i have school tomorrow so i need to go to sleep. Maybe i can catch you when i get home and we can talk some more.
  8. don't worry .................
    it's okey because you're my friend
  9. Yes I do, though I am upset to say I havent been able to keep up to date with it. Last I saw was when Ichigo was training with the vaizards.
  10. yeah ....
    hey you like bleach anime too right?
    iam like that
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