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  1. huh? why? wait old . . . so um . . . is it because he's not a kid? :S
  2. Haha not everyone. My old brother throws away all his stuffed toys.
  3. waaaw!!! thats so sweet! well then everyone has an old teddy bear that they cherished :3 . . . i can't figure out anything else to say!
  4. Oh I have my little toy cat. Cassie is her name. Ive had her since i was born. Shes a little battered up now of where she has broken and |Ive stiched her back together. one time her whole tail came off. thats hen my mum tired to take her away. but i yelled at her and said "Ill fix her!! Shes my oldest toy. and i love her!!"
  5. yay!!! thats nice. again, sorry for not replying. are you a fan of dolls? i have a stuffed banana teddy bear that i've had ever since i was 5. and now i'm 19!!! mom tried to throw it when i was 16 but i fought back with the famous line 'this is the only thing i've cherished for 14 years!!! you can't take it away from me!!!' . so whats your story? anyone will do.
  6. *chuckles* Hmm... I dunno really. most of my fave songs are japanese though
  7. not here, right? hehe that sounds like fun. do you like any japanese bands? i like do as infinity. *tries to stop smiling like an idiot and regrets the amount of sugar i had today*
  8. Yeah it is. Takes you away from the real world. im four people in the world of online, kyoya, tamaki, haruhi and daisuke and dark, wait thats makes 5 lolz.
  9. no need of sorrys at all. if there's no point of me being sorry, then why should there be a point of you being sorry? but its fun being someone else, right? i was once in a school play and enjoyed it alot to be someone else.
  10. Sorry? No point being sorry i kinda brought that upon myself being Daisuke afterall. And it's ok. everyone has to study, i have to apoligize for the same reason now hehe
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