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  1. sorry! i see. *erases thee memory of you being a boy* chapter 44? thats cool. sorry i didn't reply for so long. i was studying. my exams have broken my door down hmm . . . when i yours?
  2. No Im a girl. i like to roleplay boys. im back to being haruhi now. this is the only place where i am still Daisuke. ermm.... i actually dont know... wait a mo... *goes to manga here* i am on retrace xliv chapter 044.
  3. um . . . thats fine but you are a boy right? i'm guessing you're a boy cause daisuke is right? ah, not the same *grins* i'm best at talking to girls at the moment. the internet doesn't really matter cause i can't see anyone. ah, i finished 13 more chapters of dengeki daisy. which chapter are you in in pandora hearts?
  4. yeah. im always talking now. i find it easier to talk to people of the oppostite sex but then i did grow up with boys. yeah seems about right
  5. same here. i just felt like running away when someone tried to talk to me. in fact, i talked with my mom and sis at the most back then! but you talk a bit more now right? the boys in my class when i was a kid were always in trouble for talking. i'm sure it wasn't the same with you, right?
  6. haha yeah i guess it did. when i was younger i didnt speak much. and stayed in my room a lot. i found conversations awkard
  7. um '-' . . . i'm currently reading dengeki daisy but i can't see how its similar to what the site said that i read it on! but its not as bad as i thought. still in the 5th chaptor though. ah, cool :O-3! back then i thought i was the quietest person in the world. hearing that is really reassuring, even though it came a bit late thanks ^_^
  8. ah sames haha. er.. yes i am currently reading Pandora Hearts, pretty good manga. and what about you?
  9. um . . . yeah i was a bit shy when i was 12, so i kind of had a friend! anywaaays . . . read anything new lately?
  10. Really...? How comes? And yeah.........................................
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