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  1. i dunno when pancake day is.......................................
  2. ;O!
    I always celebrate st. paddy's day!
    It's a religious event in my familt
    we go to mass and eat.. then eat more xD
    then my older family gets drunk and we go to
    a parade ^_^.. while their drunk
    ;[.. whens pancake day..
  3. Dai-sama? i have never been called that before
    I dont actually celebrate st patricks day... but then i dont even have pancakes on pancake day
  4. Oh, I'm sorry
    such a late response!
    Dai-sama I prefer..
    haha xD
    We'll how was
    Saint Patricks day?
    I hope the overly
    proud Americans didn't
    cause to much
    destruction ^_^
  5. Haha up to you. I prefer Lou-chan or Dai-chan.. or Just plain Suzie (long story with that name)
  6. Hehe Pandi-San, are you
    Louise-Chan or should I call
    you Daisuke or Dark ;3?
  7. I do? really?
    oops broke out of character, never mind. everyone's creative in their own way Pandi-san.
    There are... I wonder if any roleplay Satoshi or Krad
  8. Np, you seem fun
    I sadly can't RP.. I'm not
    creative and quick thinking
    I know others RP on here though
    ;D I hope you meet many of them
  9. Daisuke-Heyy!!
    Dark- Yo, thanks for accepting our friend request
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