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  1. haha should keep ya fit then all the rushing bout
    nah dropped some tiles on my wrists back in 2008 and had operations to release my nerves that all
  2. i wish its only 5 bucks for a 22 pound box so i have to really move fast which is the only fun thing about it but other then that the job a drag whats this about arms... did you do something over the summer or christmas...ah.. sorry for all the questions take care bro...
  3. ouch sounds a rather exciting job the pay any good??
    yeah just waiting for arms to heal now so all good
  4. nothing really bro i just been de-stemming chile for a job but its something so cant really complain well that a drag to hear about your new years n eve that really is a bummer bro hope things are better now...well bro have a good day n ill see you around k take care bro laterz
  5. its good to hear that ya doing good. im pretty good thanks. happy christmas and new year to you too didnt have a great new year had a nerve release on my hand new years eve so wernt much fun
    what you get upto??
  6. no worries bro its all good glad to see ur still with us lol.. im good thanks for asking n how about urself bro? anything new ? o by the way merry christmas n happy new years.. hope u had a blast.. well bro hit me up anytime well take care bro n ill see u around k laters
  7. heya
    sorry its been so long i havnt been able to get on
    what you been getting upto??
  8. yo bro im back and im good what about you? if you are ever on hit me up laters bro take care
  9. ive been pretty good thanks.
    hows about you??
    been upto much??
  10. yo its been a while well man how hav e you been? sorry but im out of school so it hard to be on this site well ill try to keep in touch well laters
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