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  1. hmm i guess cars games and watching films is sorta interesting to me
    erm gaiaonline is a forum sorta thing XD donno how to explain it. you talk play games and dress ya avi up
  2. well thats cool so what interests you? so what is gaiaonline about? well i got to go but ill hit you up later.
  3. erm mainly just wait for something to interest me. if i cant find one i go on gaiaonline or play ps3 or somethin like that
  4. o really so what do you do when there is nothing to see.........
  5. ah what ya studying??
    i just have a lil looky at whatever attract me to be honest
  6. yo man im good thanks for asking. na im just getting all my work done to so i can graduate and leave this hell hole. so bro how have you been what do you do on this site for fun?
  7. heya. going pretty good thanks. alot of college and work but not bad.
    how are you??
    what you been upto??
  8. yo so hows it going? what have you beenup to lately?
  9. yo and thanx catch you later then and hit me up any time laters
  10. heya cresent.
    yea add away
    talk to you later.
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