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  1. im sorry.... wrong person.... sorry again....................
  2. .........but- I haven't been calling or texting anyone. Who do you think I am exactly? lol
  3. lol of course i have ur number..... who do u think has been texting and calling u all this time? lol
  4. lolwut? you dont have my number. wrong message..............?
  5. lol i was gonna call u but if ur not gonna pick up.... then i dont kno... lol
    i miss talk to u and
  6. but once school starts, the latest I'd come home every night is 5:30, as opposed to getting home at 9:00 like I have the last three weeks. X_X It was my last day at my second job today. Got any fun plans for the weekend? I know I do.
  7. wow really? but arnt u gonna work after school? so really u wont have much free time..
  8. hii cathy's buddy. Is it weird that I can't wait for school to start? Seriously, working during the summer is no fun, I feel like I'll have more free time during school. XP
  9. I'd love to but.......... um i dont kno how to take over u.. lol .. lol bye the way my buddy said hiiiiii.....oh im at school now and its very boring... well not today im hyper..
  10. lol, who wouldn't wanna come see me, right?

    gaawd...if you ever have the opportunity to work two jobs, don't. Cuz I am and it's killin' me...wanna just take over my 2nd job or me?
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