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  1. i know!it was over the art show.thoughs people are just stupiid.theres no helping that^-^its their problem.
  2. ah, that's a bummer. There will be plenty of other art shows, don't let one get you down. wooohoooo! Happy belated birthday! And on 4th of July weekend, that means you can celebrate with fireworks!
  3. i entered into an art show and the volunteer put my art in the adult catigory so it wasnt judged fairly and i didnt get placed.that compitition ment alot to me to prove to myself that i am at least somewhat talented enough to compete with others.i would have won something if they had put me in the write catigory.put people make mistakes.ill get over it^-^my birthday was yesterday
  4. It can't suck that bad... What's making it sucky?
  5. ^o^my life sucks !
  6. the man in graphite is albert einstein in his younger years and the clown is just dont have a name.hes just freaky^-^
  7. ah, very cool. I like your little character, does he have a name?
  8. yeah.its in my photo album.the first one .
  9. woooo, that's pretty awesome. what was your art piece? Can I see it?
  10. not much.i won second place in my schools art show and got $50.thats about it.
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