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  1. going good! just got off work, going to class in a little bit. What have you been up to?
  2. hey^-^whats up?havnt talked to you in a are things?
  3. we went to see kinda sucked at the begining but it got better.typical happy ending.the dude wasnt ugly anymore,the slave got her kids back,and the blind guy could boyfriend and i went to the cemetary because its quite and we can be alone together one died.^-^
  4. oh yes, there was much drinking and rejoicing. My liver is still mad at me I think. XD What movie did ya go see? And how come you and your bf went to the cemetery?
  5. guessing youll be doing alot of drinking^-^have fine.went to see a movie uesterday with my best friends.and the day before that i went to the cemetary with my bf.
  6. it takes me forever to respond too sometimes, its no big. I'm doing good, about to throw my friend's 21st birthday party. What've you been up to?
  7. ^-^sure did.sorry took a while for me respond.i think i posted the responce on my page insted of yours.oops=/how are you?
  8. I've had a very lazy day today, been playing God of War all day basically, lol. I trust your day continued to be great?
  9. hello^-^how are you today?im having a great day,although the day has just started.
  10. ha, I don't remember what's on my tests either till I get them back. Must not have been that important, right? XD
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