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  1. my day was test was first thing in the morning so i dont even remember it anymore>_<i have sucky memory.
  2. went well actually, I'm quite relieved. It's been a long day preparing for it though. How was your day?
  3. hello.hows your day been? how did the test go? '-'
  4. fine.pretty boring actually.i think i have a test tomorrow tooive already studied though,so i dont have to worry about that.
  5. I'm always willing to listen whenever someone needs to vent their problems. I'm doing well, I've got a shit ton of homework and studying to do tonight, got a big test tomorrow. X_X how was your day?
  6. but im sure you dont want to here me complain about my are you?
  7. haha.its my ex.hes been all suisidal since i left him.and hes bringing my current boyfriend into it and making him all depressed.its sucky for all of us.
  8. ah, you ladies and your drama, hahah. What kinda drama have you been dealing with?
  9. nope.just really freaking boredalthough i do have a bunch of drama goin on.its sucky.
  10. I'll chat with ya what's up girl....been having a rough time or something?
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