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  1. woooo, beasted it! I haven't given blood in awhile, I really should cuz I'm an O - or whatever. Did you feel woosy afterwards?
  2. Hey guess what I did today. (:
    I went to the red cross and did a double red cell donation.
  3. Haha your like spot on when you reply to me. The last two times you replied to me at the same time. =P I know! I want to go back to the old days were the good pokemon shows were on instead of these new ones lol. Oh good luck (: I bet they will hire you haha. Well med school is more for doctors and such. But I might be heading to one so i will look better for the job market.
  4. wooo, pokemon, hahah. I haven't had much time to play it either, but I've gotten fairly far considering. Damn growing up, hardly any time for video games! XD oh yeah, I'm about a year for graduating and still not really sure where I wanna go with my degree. Kinda hoping the place I'm interning at right now will hire me outright, that'd be nice. Do you have to go to medical school?
  5. Haha you play pokemon black? Me too. (: Haha though since school started up I haven't been playing it much but still lol. Oh thats pretty cool. And yea I'm still doing nursing but I don't think I will be a nurse maybe like a nursing instructor. Not sure yet. To many options available in college. Lol
  6. ooh, glad being with family is so great, I know for some people it isn't. Well, I really *need* to work on my projects, but with Pokemon Black we'll see how that turns out. XD Work's been keeping me busy, which is what I like to be, I develop code in Java and whatnot. I think last time we talked you were doing nursing, still pursuing that?
  7. Visiting family was amazing and now they are coming over today too. So it's like I'm still on spring break. Haha ouch, I told myself I was going to do my projects during break but..that was an epic fail.Good luck though! (: How's work and such?
  8. I could go for a 2 week nap, hahah. I'm actually on Spring Break, though not really much of a break, I've got semester projects to work on and work full-time. >_< such is life, of course. I hope visiting the family was fun at least?
  9. Haha I've been out of town all week just visiting family. Now I'm so tired all I want to do is hide in a little corner and sleep the rest of the month away.
  10. heey ryo! I've been doing quite well, just got done playing a trivia game with the neighbors. What've you been up to?
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