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  1. Meh i think he was only sexually attracted to me now, like before we would talk for hours about how he loved me and all this shit then all the sudden is just sex talk and i was just like wow. is that what you think of me?
  2. yaay. i'm only doing one class this summer, and working the rest of it. Well sorry to hear about you and your friend. That would be a tough relationship to maintain for sure. :\
  3. Yer starting this summer I think or if not, then Fall =D
    Haha well...I really loved him and i was going to move with him. He was heading off to war and it's so much and ahh. So yea we are friends i guess... XD
  4. yaay! I can't wait for summer, are you going to college soon then?
    o_O engaged? like, actually? You are crazy, girl.
  5. yea almost out! WoHoo! haha It's been..weird. Was engaged then things got messed up and now single and blah! XD haha it's been funny though
  6. well we already knew you were amazing.
    yeah, there's still a few of us on here though. I miss the ol' chatroom though. So hows life and junk been? Are you almost out of school??
  7. I know!!
    I am amazing! haha missing all my buddys i had on here!
  8. ryoooo!!
    it's been forever! I'm doing pretty good, what've you been up to?
  9. HEY Dark =D
    What's up my man XD
    howa you? it's been a freaking long time!
  10. Safety control is easy, don't crash. Even my own mother isn't as anal as you. : P
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