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  1. THanks same 2 u 2!!
    Medium is hard as hell 4 me!!!!!!!!
  2. yeah i used 2 they used 2 b everywhere u look in the house there was an mp3 but i got rid of them
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
    medium is kinda hard, imagine what expert would b like
    take care bye bye
  3. i have a thousands of mp3's!
    i hate the headphones 2. every last one(excepted the ipod one's) broke!
    my friend has it and she's really good n she said medium is kinda hard.
  4. this is my first ipod, before i had mp3's (and alot of them) but everyone i had was faulty except one of them which was really good untill the thingy (that you put your headphones into on the mp3) broke and didnt work after that so i decided to get an ipod because there more reliable.
    i love it to!!!! im not that good either i've done the easy career now im trying the medium level which is really hard =[
  5. i lost my last i hope i'm getting a new one. my parent hate me blasting my music through out the house, so they said they were.
    i love guitar heroe! saddly i'm no good at it!
  6. yay were friends anyway im glad ur good good i might get anime books with some money im getting 4 xmas and im got an ipod already but it should b 4 xmas (hehehe)hopefully im getting guitar heroes aswell and other stuff
    and im fine thanx
  7. sure! i'd love 2 be friends! i'm good. I so getting anime books, an ipod, n other junk!
    how r u? What r getting 4 Kiss-mas??
  8. hi mea im emm
    ok then cool
    so wanna b friends??? how r u?? what r u getting 4 xmas????
    have 2 go now bye bye take care
  9. hey i'm mea!
    i'm in one of the groups with u..i forgot the name...
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