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  1. thanks!! ^-^
    i know what u mean lol
    i live in nj, yea it is kinda. now that it's after X-mas it's starten 2 get a lil cold but still warm
  2. A happy new year to you too!! I still got a week let till semester starts, I've been enjoying hanging out with my friends from other colleges throughout the week, it's been good fun. Break is going by fast though, goodness, I wish it could just go on forever sometimes.

    Where do you live? Is it typically warm where you are during winter?
  3. oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
    bye 2008 Hello 2009!!!!!
  4. lolz cool. the weather was alright 4 me. last year it was really hot so i really wanted snow.
    4 some reason it didn't feel like X-mas to me, i'm not sure y thought. yeah i guess, the breaks gone by so fast.the break could hav been better 4 me though......

    what about u?
  5. Nice haul there, I love the wii. I got a lot nice stuff, I got a new printer, the dark knight, some money, some cookies...I had a pretty good christmas I must say. Plus the weather here has actually been warm enough to be enjoyable, which is a miracle this time of year. Enjoying break so far?
  6. aww i missed that. Yea i did. i got the wii, anime books, cd's, makeup, a big sining machin n other stuff. did u?
  7. I saw part of family guy's star wars episode the other night, it was hilarious. Did ya get some good presents?
  8. Thanks same 2 u! i like south p. & family guy. their funny!
  9. I watch a lot of comedy central, my favorite animated show is South Park, followed closely by Family Guy. I'm also a big fan of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Merry Christmas btw!
  10. lol, then what do u watch? what's ur fav show? do u have one?
    sorry i'm being random.....
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