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  1. ur welcome! i'm glad 2 hear that1
    surprisingly my v dat was pretty good better than i exspected
  2. aww thanks for the rose and belated valetine's day to you im fine exam is finally over
  3. Happy Valentines Day @--}-- r u?
  4. hey sorry i havent been on for a while....thanks um...i'm good but not so good i'll be fine thanks
  5. hope you will be fine soon and hello how are you now
  6. welcome. i'm.....alright i guess.... have boyfriend probs....
  7. thanks for understanding me and how are you? i was busy with school to answer back
  8. it's fine u don't have 2 if u don't want 2..........
  9. i think i don't wanna talk about it for now maybe soon
  10. do u want 2 talk about it?
    funny thing cuz i'm heart broken though i'm normally heartless
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