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  1. heh, for me,my fav.s r gaara,itachi,kimimaro,the 4th hokage and pein.i wish i was able to c shippuden but it looks like i gotta waitdid u know that naruto went 6 tails in the manga?he looks awsome!
  2. Hey sorry i haven't been on lately...(long story) Happy Balated B-day

    i can't wait until shippuden comes out! i still watch da eps dat come out now even though i've seen dem already lol. i've seen alot of da shippden eps on line 2.
    bleach i'm not sure either. befor i was like really into it, but like now its draggin. it's killen me!

    um not really. i like alot of da chars n naruto's one. i love Saauke, gaara, shikamaru, sasoui, neji, and itachi those r my fav guys who's r urs?
  3. cool.i cant wait for shippuden to come out for ignoring the show until it comes out HOPEFULLY this summer.i have no clue wuts up with bleach though.havent seen it much.who is ur favorite naruto character?.....just outta curiousity.
  4. cool i know 1 guy who has the same b-day (he's lik my bro i've known him all my life) but no one else.
    it sounds interesting i think i will search it up
  5. really?i know a couple other people so that adds up to......3 people.awsome.anyways,gundam 00 is about mecha-operators called Gundam Meisters.these pilots are with an organization called Celestial Being.they are trying to arraticate war through "armed interventions".these 3 other organizations are trying to take this new found energy,hence why they is a war.its very interesting but if u wanna watch it,u better look up the first season on youtube or something because u would have no clue what is going on otherwise.u should check it out when u have the time.
  6. OMG ur b-day's March 8th?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
    so is mine!!!!
  7. yeah i do they r awsome! no saddly i've never heard of it wat's it about?
  8. i c u like naruto and bleach.awsome arent they?evr watched gundam 00?its pretty good.
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