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  1. i will thanks bro take care and have an awesome day bro laterz
  2. Happy Halloween to you too. Hope you enjoyed yours.
  3. hey br ojust dropped in to say happy holloween hope you have fun.we ll br osee ya around laterz
  4. dude thats cool sounds like a awesome game? so how are you bro? well see you around? laterz
  5. It's about a bunch of people trying to find alien artifacts and weapons on a desert planet, while fighting off hoards of enemies.
  6. wel lthast awesome bro so what is boarder land about?
  7. I'm probably going to start Borderlands once I buy it.
    And yes, I fully 100% beat Resident Evil 5.
  8. thats sweet bro so what game are you gonna start know if you dont mind em asking? and relating to re5 have you completeed the game in all the modes and unlocked the infanit ammo for all the guns including the rocket launcher?
  9. It's amazing.
    I just got my last trophy in it today.
    100% complete now.
  10. hey man hows it going? well thats cool so how the game i havent played it yet?
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