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  1. Yeah, I'll send you it via PM. So no randomals are tempted.
  2. Do you have a Facebook account? I know you have a myspace because I saw you on my friends list there, but I don't use that anymore.
  3. Well, yeah, music accomplishes that too. Quite well.
  4. Ah, see that's what music does for me... that and Miami Vice or whatever TV series I happen to be watching at that time.
  5. I'm still a nerd in every respect, trust me. :P Just need something to distract myself, and sports manage that.
  6. You have the high ground in most situations as an athlete. As a skinny geek/nerd with little muscle, I don't have many feats I could accomplish.
  7. Yeah, true. Oh well. xD Guess I just get the high ground in that regard.
  8. Well go figure, you're an athlete, I'm not. I suck at every sport but shooting and possibly volleyball but even that's a stretch.
  9. Well good to know. I do pretty much the same things. Though, no offense, I could hold my own in a fight if it ever happened.
  10. Same, my violence resides in video games and writing. Aside from the fact that anyone could kick my ass any day, I just don't like the idea of bringing harm to others... or to myself.
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