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  1. my ogsh it beenn so long i believe it beenn 1 year so far i think but hey sup
  2. Oh, a lot been bust finished school working and such ttys take care hope to hear 4rm u
  3. sorry i was gone very a long time i hit a break wall that stop me from moving but i broke through already so wat up
  4. Yeah, its been so long since I been on here lol hey I got a new number if u want to call me sometime???
  5. I see then anyway same here i totaly forgot all about anime online somehow
  6. Sorry I wont be on here much any more if you want to get a hold of me or talk to me you can call or txt me at this number 740-974-4563
  7. Well then that sound fun but i think uwere only trying to cheer me up so thx btw happy late b-day
  8. Awe you should have fun a lest most days but still you should
    I'll come down and show u how to have a fun time go out and play haha
  9. Yeah fun at times i tned forget what it mean i just dont have that fun anymore ....
  10. Oh yeah put some fun in there silly so you wont be so bored ^^
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