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  1. Well I didn't call ya just txt ya.................................
  2. That right I think but i txt to make certain look like it was right man my sis never tell me anyone call me
  3. 773-798-9981 that's your number right that's the number you gave me. My number is 740-304-3642. Oh waz wrong?
  4. Bad days yeah i know it because of winter too many thing goingon with me.
  5. U txt me again! damit she did it again and also do u even have my right # btw
  6. Okay well I'ma txt you today I hope I get to hear from you. Also, its okay well all have bad days I understand if she didn't tell you.
  7. You did should have tell me u wana talk to me I did not know u txt me and she did even told me sorry about and maybe it because I been very busy or she saw me that i was having a bad day on that day
  8. Hey I tryed to txt you a few days ago my new number in 740-304-3642 I txt you and ur sis awsered lol. how was it bad?
  9. It was half good and half bad for me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. Oh awesome that sounds fun! I hope you have a good Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!
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