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  1. Well relaxing, helping my friends on some online games cause I good train, practice learn more magic tricks and it called the mysterious of the Unknow still working on it
  2. Oh well I hope you do better and I'm sure your parents will understand college is pretty hard and not real easy but keep your mind set on your work and you'll do good. So anything going on for this weekend? Oh you have a band? That's pretty cool whats the name of it?
  3. Me very magal busy with college i already failed 1 class partent are going to kill me not really a figure of speech though and other then that just been thinking a lot in my mind but just feel okay i guess have my band take a break to raise up their grades and plus it colder to
  4. Hey its been awhile how have you been anything new going on? How has everything been on your end?
  5. ^_^ yeah its been good. so hbu? hows everything at ur end?
  6. WElll gald you have clam down i guess i hope it went well just for you
  7. ^^ awsome!! i'm good thank you very much just about to take a walk with zach and his mom.^^
  8. MYYYYYYYY bday is here that wat yeah yay me just regular but yeah hburself beautiful
  9. yeah, ^_^ true. i'm happy thou i'm going down to zachs place today his parents is going to be picking me up. ^^ so have have you been today?
  10. That all in ur mind u be fine because u r who u r the only u
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