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  1. yeah, i guess waiting isn't all that bad theres times were i'm calm and reladed so sometimes it don't batter me lol.
  2. WAiting everthing take time if not u rush thing n something might go wrong that y it called waiting everone need time to take a breath and think about or figuring out problems stitutions n other things nobody really like to be waiting i know where u r getting at u just wana do something am i wrong
  3. yeah, that is true lol i guess i'm just don't really like to wait is all lol. i hate waiting lol thats one thing i guess bad about me XD
  4. Evething is weird in the world so really it does not matter cause everyone has it lol
  5. sry i just confuse myself with something else my bad lol n dont worry u get ur chance soon it not like forever
  6. hmm what do you mean who am i mad at? are you talking about my mom i just just upset she didn't awser her phone lol but i can't see him today shes to busy to meet his parents half way so i have ta wait till the 28th to see him lol. oh well
  7. y would u do that were u mad or just fell like it it okay if u dont want to talk about it it okay if ur not comforable telling kay and just hope it it goes well 4 beautiful
  8. yeah i might get to go now and i'm at school lol and my mom want awser her damn phone lol i'ma hurt her lol
  9. HOw very interesting wonderful for u then and not a bad ideal souind fun enjoy then lol
  10. mine was pretty good i can't wait till summer on the 28th i'm going to my fiance place and stay till july5th! ^_^
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