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  1. just alright lol it was okay i guess nothing different how was ur lol
  2. ummmmm............ how was your weekend???????????
  3. That alrite it is ur way of ding things no need to explain so anyother Q u wish to ask
  4. yeah well i would notice if someone uses me for that reason but yeah your welcome any time but i try to be nice to everyone and show i care its just how i am i guess...
  5. Well u should be careful with with trust someone may use u just for that just saying kay but thx then lol would not mind someopne care for a totally a stragnerbut i be okay thing cool down now
  6. well yeah that is true but sad and scary cause the street is no place for someone to live on its dangerus..... i sure wouldn't like it.... it would be sad knowing you or someone was living on the street. well see i'm the kind of person that worries about everyone even if there not my friend i still show i care and worrie most of the time.....
  7. In the way i hbetter strat knowing how to live in the street and how to not to know wat i mean cause the world out there is never saft no matter where ppl go but i benn fine as it is no need to worry i hat eto c when a girl worried about me when they should be wooried about themselves
  8. oh well thats sad lol well i hope for the best for you i don't want to see you end up in the street........
  9. Friend sryy i really dont trust them so well and i dont believe they will either so the crazy i just do something soon if it come to that lol
  10. yeah, that is true it will be hard maybe but maybe you could stay with one of your friends? that would help you throw it all if your parents do kick you out....
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