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  1. Hey i just got to learn how to survine on my own now i have to be prepare for the worst now and this nothing much to deal with it will all pass soon or later so the result r the same even with ur blessing may not be enough but thx for ur concern i just got to find my answer how to do everthing
  2. oh my i'm so sorry to hear that..... thats has to be sad i hope your parents don't kick you out. dosen't sound like things are going so good..... i give you my blessings and hope things get better for you.^^
  3. Just got word one of my friend die by her ex my partent went crazy at my home sister try to kil me again no good sleep and have to do a project or else i fail that class and have to go back next year and might be getting kick out of my house and just lost 2 important thing i held dear to me which i cant find art all
  4. awww i'm sorry to hear that how was your week ruined?
  5. It was juust bad okay but at first it was great until it was ruined by things
  6. well thats lovely then. ^^ i'm just as good thanks. nice meeting you also. yeah, lol so how is your week going?.?
  7. I just wonderful beautiful how about ur self lol and nice to meet u gald at least someone talk around on
  8. hellooooo ^^ my name is jenny how are you today?.?
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