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  1. OLD and plain like always just trying to bear with some grades
  2. Yeah, So how has your week been so far????????????????????????
  3. WONDERFUL FOR you en joy then time for ,e to get gooing
  4. Last night was awesome my friend asked my crush if he likes me and would want to date me and now we are its so sweet him and I talk like 2hrs straight everyday and night its kinda nice. Oh and his name is Jacob
  5. well welll that not too bad i guess well just becareful on what u do and congrat time for me to vanish
  6. Oh well I am single yeah been going throw brake ups... guess can't find the right one so far every guy just brakes up with me v.v sigh ^_^ oh well I just bounce right back up and keep trying that's all you can do. >.> besides I kind like this one guy I been kinda crushing on hehe.
  7. Didnt you just had a break up before or was that someone else i thinking about sorry i bit mix up with so many thing in my mind the pieces are not going out right
  8. Oh really how so???????????????????????????????????????????????
  10. Cause he is one person the truly makes me happy and in a good mood. ^ ^
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