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  1. THAT VERY GRTREA FOR U I GUESS and free man i wsh i was free with somethings
  2. I broke up with him and I haven't felt this good in so long this really helped me see how big of a jerk he truly was ^_^ and now I am free of him!
  3. Not really i not into those kind of thing now and beside it for little kids i only going to just for a while and then back to life
  4. WooHoo ^_^ sounds like funz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
  5. WEll study for these test i going to have and idk a lot of my thing sorta broke and i need to repair so nothing other then a B-day party but going to be late fo rit and that it i guess
  6. Yeah, true I guess I will do what's right for me when the time comes.
    So what are you doing this weekend?
  7. Well then break up already stop wasting time before u get really hurt (which mean ur heart)
  8. Well right now him and I are on a brake till Friday without no talking or seeing each other and I think he may use this time to cheat on me and this brake may end in a brake up.
  9. Well /I guess that a start to begin with so i guesss that okay for now but maybe u should ask him y he did that to u I mean i guy acting like a$$ should have a reason I know iw ould if i wqas one
  10. Yeah, I know so far its been smooth and okay and good between us.
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