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  1. hey look I cant tell u what to do with that part and well that hard to say but you got to figure what ur going to do next alright
  2. Lmao My bf has been just a jerk to me he has been saying shit that upsets me and we have been fighting and he has been talking about his ex to me... stuff like that he say he likes her as a friend and love me and doesn't have anything to do with her but idk...
  3. How does that answer my question to u y do u feel that way I thin ur thinking to much!
  4. I know and he is just being an ass and jerk.......
  5. Why do u feel stupid then u dont even know what it mean to do something stupid and not much as a bf ask him what wrong with him or leave him up to u
  6. Yeah ours is in April ^^ I can't wait. I feel really stupid and my bf has been a ass and jerk...
  7. Well it not too bad my spring break is coming up in a week lol
  8. Yeah, true but they are so stressful fo me I don't really like them at all... So how was you weekend?
  9. YEAH YEAH I know but for me quiz are really important grade for me and i not easy either
  10. Yeah well that is very true but test quizzes just stress me out.....
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