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  1. Yep i know at least something bad not happening yet so far so yeah
  2. Yeah, I'm looking foreword to the day I love it you get to be with the one you love or ppl you love and care about. I hope you have better luck this valintines day ^^
  3. Idk just have bad luck on v- day for some odd reason but hopefully this year will be the change of it maybe....
  4. Yeah, fighting wont really solve anything... oh it is that's cool why is that bad?
  5. but i know what u are trying to get to and it i try to bad part is it my cousin b-day to
  6. That not what I mean let just say I get in trouble on that day last time ended up in a fight and went to the hostipal it was a draw but not a fair fight though
  7. Yeah, but maybe you will find someone else you would wanna be with to be happy with.
  8. Yep just dont wana screw that up for her because she happy
  9. Yeah, that's true well that's good you want her happy and don't really want to mess that up for her...
  10. But at the movement she already has a bf and i hearing a lot of good things about him so i don't want to get back with her because she already too happy with him can't tear that up for her
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