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  1. Yeah, its been really stressful and tearing me up but I can only look forward....
  2. I guess i not focusing right in my head and well also feel guilty about soemthing and i know what u mean i wish i was back with my beloved ex
  3. Well I broke up whit Zach lil while ago and with Roger now and really miss Zach and made a big mistake and really wish I was back with him. We have been apart for 4 months and 2 weeks.... Sadly I hate it but at lest him and I are still talking...

    Sounds like me so waz wrong with you?
  4. What happen with ur ex now and under where and parent?

    N yes i having it rough on me and tried some and a bit of stress
  5. Waz wrong? waz so rough?

    Umm well right now stressed and missing my ex and wanna get back with him and I could but my parents are not letting him around me while I am under there ruff.... other then that I'm okay..
  6. idk just having it rough again
    nothing else to it
    also being bored to death nothing to do around now
    and urself
  7. nothing nothing lol so what have u been up to?????????????
  8. what r u talking about i am lost??????????,,,,,,,,
  9. What?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????
  10. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????/
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