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  1. Oh its fin and yeah. Well I was at my aunts place and I was going over the board the my lil cuz had against her door and climed over it and wasn't holding on to anything and bent and twist my ankle and knee.. omg it hurt so bad I was in tears..... I was like crying and shaking so bad... I could hardly move my leg or stand on it at all but I can now it only hurt when I am on my knees or bend my leg in a sertin way.... or go up or down stairs which I have to at school.... my knee has been hurting a lot...
  2. oh congrat then enjoy i guess sorry i had to of doing those kind of things
  3. Yeah, I am enjoying getting out early hehe. My parents are leaving to IL. and letting me stay home and I am going to spend my whole Christmas brake and he gets to stay with me at my place hehe. So I am happy.
  4. Well that ur school seem nice though enjoy it!!!!!!!!!
  5. I am just happy I get out of school at 1:07 for now on I signed up for an early release and I get out at 1:07 for now on. ^_^ I'm so happy!
  6. alright sure go ahead and eat u need ur str to survine later
  7. Oh don't worry about it its fine. ^_^ Well I am going to lunch at 11:19 and I'll be back on at 11:51. You can still txt me if you want.
  8. Oh she never told me that sryy about that she not the one to tell other if someone calls she forget because she doing something else
  9. All I said was hey this is Jenny aka dark angle. She said this is his sister I will let him know you txt him. Then I said okay.
  10. Well okay but my sis has ui under jenny for some of reason were u talking to my sister and yes wat did she say to u
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