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  1. kkk and have a great day tooo
  2. Yeah that'll be nice same here ^_^ Well I am getting off here class is all most over it was very nice talking with you ^^ Have a wonderful day
  3. yup yup and lol i hope i get to ride one during the summer
  4. Awe that's sweet. Yeah, last time I road one I was lil so yeah I might be lil scared if I get back on one lol.
  5. thats sooooo cute my bf said he might not be able to text me but hes going to try and ive never rode a horse ofor i want to really bad lol
  6. Yeah, he might call me on his neighbors phone cause he told me nothing would keep him from talking to me hehe. He is very sweet like that. ^^ I can't wait to hangout with him he is going to take me horse back riding omg I miss riding house I love it and were so going for welling
  7. hehe ik right and that sucks if u guys cant talk to night hopefully u guys will
  8. Awe that's cute ^ ^ yeah I do love talking to him although I can't talk to him today for one I will be busy hanging wit friends and two we let his friend barrow his cell and been using his moms to talk to me but his mom is going to be gone so I might not be able to talk to him sadly.
  9. awwwwwwwwwwww how cute he sounds sweet im dateing this guy name jonnie hes the sweetest guy ever he got me a shirt which is really cute he almost gave me all of his naruto stuff and i said no to it lol i love texting him lol
  10. Yeah, well I am better off just forgetting about them and moving on. I am now dating a boy named Jacob and him and I been talking on the phone everyday and night so far for 2hr straight its really nice he is a sweet country boy I love it!
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