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  1. I have thought what to wear yet I am still thinking lol
  2. hahah sweet i wish i could graduate lol and sweet do u have any ideas for a dress
  3. Hell Yeah! It's going to be AWESOME! I just can't wait to GRADUATE!
  4. lol sweet i cant wait to hehe this year is going to be fun lol
  5. Yeah, I went to all 4 yrs of prom ^^ this one will be my 4th hehe. So I'm lucky and happy about it. I can't wait I am really looking foreword to it.
  6. lol its going ok just drama lol friends fighting and everybody is talking about prom lol since my skool is really small i get to go to prom 4 years instead of two lol
  7. Oh yeah? haha wow that's funny thou. How is your day going so far????
  8. im hopeing hopeing i can and yup i got those ididnt knw i did in the first place intill my dad told me idid lol
  9. Oh sounds like you had lots of fun! Oh you got the kind that gets dark out side and turns normal when your inside that's neat. ^^ Hell yeah the movie was AWESOME!! You should so go and see it!
  10. omg i want to see that movie soooooo much lol and last week was off for my skool and i was bored all week i only got to got to a feww places and that suck lol but i texted alot and saturday stayed home sunday i went to my friends house and i got thses new frames and lens so when i was wlaking with her i didnt relize my lens go dark when i go outside my friend laugh and so did i had thses a week and didnt know that lol and is the movie really good lol.
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