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  1. Hehe hey I have been good thanks! I was under the weather all last week so Haven't been doing much. Last week was goood hanged out with my bf Saturday his parents took us and him sibling out to eat. Then he took me to go see a movie called I am number 4. OMG It was so awesome! ^_^ How was yours???
  2. omg hey how are you and wats up lol and how was ur weeken ?
  3. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ anything planed?
  4. yea she wont listin lol and happy Valeentines day !!!
  5. Yeah so girls are like that lol but I see have you tryed to talk to her about it?
  6. nope not really lol my friend is being really a b today if u dont agree sumthing with her shell thing ur a b fast i hate it when she does this
  7. Yeah, Mine too I have been so stressed! lol So anything going on with you today????????
  8. nonthing really just staying home lol and my head hurts so much which sucks
  9. Mine was okay... been kinda under stress a lot senice yesterday trying to remain calm.... What you going this weekend?
  10. thats good thankgoodness so how was ur week?? mine was not really good
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