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  1. Oh :/ what issue? If you don't mind me asking of course ^^
  2. 4 months and I might end it because of an issue.... ...............
  3. Cool that sounds fun, not that part with the one having cancer of course.
    It's good to hear that it's getting better for the two of you :P how long have you been together now?
  4. Awe that sucks well I hope you get well soon! ^_^

    Well me and my boyfriend been kinda stressed and he was gonna brake up with me on Friday when it happend but he didn't and he told me he loved me to much to and we talked and worked things out and everything is better now. So him and I are getting along better now. Today him and I are going to be hanging out later after he gos to see one of his friends he is picking me up and were going to his dads to see if his step mom is okay her sis has cancer and don't know if she is going to make it.... then go visit his grandparents. ^_^
  5. Well i have a cold so i've been sneezing like hell... And i'm visiting my parents what about you? Something more interresting than me? :P
  6. Yeah same here. So what you doing this weekend anything going on with you??
  7. Oh okay i just thought you had surgery on your once :P well i sure hope you won't have to get surgery and that your knee will get better
  8. No have never had surgery on my knee I might need it idk yet I will find out later like on feb. 24 but i don't think I need it so isk lol.
  9. You've had surgery once already right? :O
    Well it hope you don't have to, but won't you have to start all over again then with your knee?
  10. Yeah but I'm stubern so yeah lol it only hurt randomly at times it hasn'tr hurt lately yet but I might need surgery on it idk yet....
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