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  1. lol umm may be a wierd thing to ask but, why do you want that?
  2. Oh cool sounds like fun. I hope I get to spend this weekend with my bf I think he is wanting to stay with one of his buddy's this weekend idk yet lol.
  3. well we just at day by our self wathing movies in bed n stuff :P
  4. I spent it with my bf Roger. we was at my house and at his grandparents and then we went to his moms. What did you do?
  5. lol what did you do on thanksgiving? :P
    it was okay, been sleeping alot and taking care of my gf
  6. Thanks and I did it was so much fun being with my bf for thanksgiving! ^_^ how was ur weekend?
  7. yeah i'm lucky to have one too i'm going to spend it with my gf, though we don't really have Thanksgivings here :P but have and you too
  8. Yeah, I am very happy to be with him hehe.
    Do you have a special someone? Have a good Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!
  9. well i'm glad for you it's good to hear that you atleast sound happy
  10. Yeah, it would kill me if I hardly got to see him... I am happy that him and I get to hangout so much and even we he has to work he still wants to hangout after work. I love him so much and I can wait to hangout with him this weekend!
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