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  1. Oh cool sounds pretty neat. My phones screen got cracked.... I can still call out and reseve calls thou so thats good. My bf said he would get me a new one but I told him not to.. Other then that my weekend was really good!
  2. Good I just got a new Manga, it's called Chronicles of the Cursed Sword! how bout U?
  3. Well that's god! happy you had funz! So how has your day been so far?
  4. lol ya It was fun !
  5. Oh really it was that's cool! So did you have lots of fun?!? Sounds like you got a lot to eat lol.
  6. Thts awesome I hope it goes good but I live in Canada and my thanksgiving was a month ago we ate dinner with my dads family and then with my moms. It was Yummy!
  7. To me the weekends go by way to fast I wish it could be slower lol. I am just so happy next week on the 25 to the 29th I do not have school! Thanks God! lol I get to spend my Thanksgiving with my bf Roger it is going to be so nice to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
  8. Ya it was but now it's over Oh well back 2 school!
  9. Oh cool sounds like fun. One of my friends likes playing that game lol.

    So did your weekend go good?
  10. Haha I went to my friends 4 the night and we played Black Ops. all night!
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