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  1. Sorry I wont be on here much any more if you want to get a hold of me or talk to me you can call or txt me at this number 740-974-4563
  2. sounds like fun, easter just passed, (lol) this year is flying :l
  3. Yeah I can tell nm just been having ups and downs latly so what chu got planed for this weekend??? Me I am just gonna hangout with my bf...
  4. my day's been great, how bout you? (haven't been on for a while lol)
  5. Yeah maybe lol idk oh well so how was ur day??????
  6. count to 10, go to a happy place @.@ ya... I don't really know sry =(
  7. More no thanks maybe later on down the road I will. I am always stressed out about something....
  8. you trying for college? (eh getting stessed out isn't good(try watching a puppy vid?(at least thats wut my sis. does (lol)))) ^_^
  9. I hate yelling all it dose is stress me out to the limit and I can not take much more of it.... I just can wait till I am done with school and move out!
  10. but they're your parents, the only ones you'll ever have ;P so chearish the yelling (lol)
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