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  1. Yeah it is! I so can't wait till I get out of school and till he gets off work today. He is coming over to hangout with me hehe. Thank god to! I had a bad morning.... parents was yelling at me for no reason and their so stupid.
  2. lol that sounds like a good time ^_^
    I'm going skiing with some friends
  3. Hell yeah! I can't wait to move out! hehe Roger and I are getting our own place and my parents might pay for our fist place hehe if i listen and behave haha I'll try lol. So what you doing this weekend?
  4. same ^_^ can't wait till I finally get out of te house lol =3
  5. But omg! only 4 more months till I graduate! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 2 more weeks and this one will be over but I will still have the same classes lmao I only have 6 classes.
  7. lol so much time before te next brake >.< (least this sem. is over) =3
  8. Yeah I learn to work throw it lol. other then that um just been hanging out with my bf the whole christmas brake and for new yrs.
  9. pain is the best teacher ^_^ (sry lol) sooo wats new with u?
  10. Oh really? well that sux I can't live without mine haha. Yeah it dose its been ahile but its getting better just still hurts...
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