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  1. what game? =3 (been buzy lately) nothing much is going on you?
  2. Oh sounds fun.

    umm nm new I get more farther in my game thank god lol. One of my friends told me what I had to do then I just got to face the boss. I just can't wait till this weekend to be with my bf. Friday he is staying the night and were hanging out. Saturday were going to visit my brother. Then Sunday I'm going to the DMV. That's all that would be new lol.

  3. did alot of driving (back from their house) and alot of sleeping lol
    whats new?
  4. Oh that's nice. Yeah, same here mine was a really good thanksgiving! I was so happy to spend it with my bf. How was ur weekend?
  5. Just got back from my pa's, pa's house (got ta see all the cuzins ^_^) was a good thankgiving this year lol ^_^
  6. YEAH! I so can't wait till tomorrow! hehe

    nm just been hanging out with Roger! hehe I love him so much! what have you been up to?
  7. 2 more days ^_^
    wat be up? XD ....................
  8. I know! I really can't wait! I get to be with my bf! I get to see him and stay with him tomorrow!
  9. lol that sounds fun ^^ thanksgiving in three days XD (can't wait lol)
  10. No I didn't drop it lol long story short.... Its my fault lol I guess lol. Oh well I will get a new one sooner or later at lest it still works lol.
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