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  1. Hehe, you like being taken... Don't cha? I'm just messing with ya. So what happened with Zach?
  2. Well I am pretty much done with Roger and Zach I mean I could of saw myself with Zach but ... guess it wasn't really meant to be so yeah anyways I been talking to this one guy named Jacob he is supper sweet and nice and we have been talking on the phone everyday and night and been on the phone for 2 hrs straight hehe its really nice to have so much fun talking to someone who make me laugh a lot and really fun to talk with. ^_^
  3. my num is (812)499-6902.
    I'm all for second chances however when giving someone that chance you need to remember whet happened and make sure it never happens again. You don't deserve that kind of treatment, no one does.
    If you don't trust yourself around roger than honestly don't put yourself around him. It'll just cause trouble you neither want nor need.
  4. I think I still do but give it to me just in case.

    Yeah, Zach and I broke up he told me his parents don't want me or him together so we broke up and also because I still have feelings for Roger also the whole time him and I was together he treat me poorly and was a jerk and mean to me the whole time and told me he had a right to be mean to be and I don't desuve anything... and when Roger came over to my place to tell me how sorry he was in tears once I huged him I felt torn and so said then I started to cry. I do still wish Roger and I was together the only reason Roger and I broke up was because his friends told him I was cheating on him with one of my friends and I wasn't. Today I think he is coming over and him and I are going to talk... v.v been kinda down about it every time I see Rogers face and look into his eyes I fall for him all over again and my heart feels like its about to come out of my chest....
  5. Do you still have my number? If so feel free to call me whenever.
    Don't get me wrong since I've not had the chance of watching your relationship so I don't know how you two act infront of each other. However honestly the whole keeping your relationship a secret is kinda fishy. I could be a 100% wrong but I know sometimes it's harder to notice things when you're in the relationship than when you aren't.
  6. Yeah, he forgave me him and I are starting over and talk during night time cause I guess he has been busy and don't get off till 5. So far everything has been good and I am not going to mess this up again. The only sad part he isn't going to tell his parents or most of his friends because he doesn't want them to rub it in his face if it doesn't work out... I wish he would believe in us and trust and know it will work out this time...v.v

    (740) 438-4121 I don't have txt and if you wanna chat call after 9 and anytime on the weekends. ^ ^

    Oh its okay he has to pay for his mistakes but get this he didn't really cheat on me. He only said that to hurt me. Because one of his friends told him I was with onf of my friends and I wasn't but that's his own dumb fault for believing them and didn't talk to me about it so oh well.
  7. That make's sense why you haven't been texting me back. I just figured for some odd reason you weren't getting them or I wasn't getting your replies. I'd like to have your new number.
    I'm sorry Roger cheated on you. At least now he's out of your life.
    My weekend was nice. I went to my first anime convention on Sat and it was pretty awesome .
  8. He forgave you? I thought he was a jerk (it's been so long since we've talked about him). Your going to do whatever you want to do and I'll support you but just as advice unless you guys can deal with living together as friends (if sadly things don't work out *knock on wood*) because if for whatever reason things don't work out and you have an apartment together your basically stuck until the lease is up. The reason why I say that is because I've actually known a couple who were together for about 4 years and decided to get an apartment together and at the very beginning of searching for an apartment they both agreed that they could never just live together if they broke up, they realized that living together showed that they aren't in a healthy relationship, the guy actually almost just left with no intention of keeping to his part of the lease, and now they hate each other.
  9. Yeah! Roger? The ass cheated on me and lied so I kicked him to the cerb! I am so0 happy with Zach I haven't felt this good in months! hehe I love it! Getting back with Zachary was the best thing I have ever done! I am been so good awesome really I am taking Zach to prom April 30th so him and I will get to see each other! Of corse we saw each other on skype. My leg has held and is better didn't need sugery. I am moving in with Zach to IN. when I graduate! Hopefully he comes but I know he will he is such a sweet heart and I am so happy he forgave me. I have a new number but I don't have txt if you want it?

    Well that's good so how was you weekend mine was awesome!
  10. It has been forever. Hopefully things work out with him this time. What happened to Roger? How have ya been? Hows your leg doing? Anything else new happening?
    I'm just doing the same old things .
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