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  1. o.o omg! hey how have you been waz new? I got back with Zach I am so supper happy to be together with him again. hehe
  2. Yeah, I know....... I pitcher me and my ex getting married on Valentines Day..... and now that dream is gone..... I cried twice thinking about him.... Is that wrong? I can't help but miss him.... I still love him.... I keep thinking he was the one and I lost him....
  3. AWWW! That's cute. Valentines day is extremely busy for weddings.
  4. Yeah, me and my new boyfriend Roger have been together for 3 weeks and going to be 4 on Saturday and known each other for about 6 years.

    Omg O.O that would be pretty sweet getting married on Halloween lol I kinda pitcher myself getting married in February on the 14 cause that would be sweet and romantic or proposed to on that day would be better and so cute!
  5. You guys will fight and if it's meant to be you'll both be able to get over it and if it's not meant to be it's always better to find out sooner than later.

    Maybe you should think about getting married on Halloween. That would be cute.
  6. Yeah well that is true but I am afraid if him and I get into a fight it will not be pretty lol we both have bad tempers mine might be worse haha. Yeah that is very true every couple is different..... but that is the main reason I broke up with my ex.... I didn't like us fighting 24/7 it was sad.... and I didn't like it. Also bad thing is I still have feeling for him but also him and I don't talk anymore so yeah.

    I love Halloween it just might be my most fave holiday lol. Get married when you guys are ready to don't let anyone rush you guys or hold you guys back.
  7. The not fighting thing will probably change however if it does don't let it get to you just remember every couple fights and it's also healthy to fit because you don't want to hold everything in (I'm not saying that you guys are I'm just giving advice for the future). Just remember there is nothing wrong with fighting. I fight with mine probably every other day however I wouldn't change our relationship for the world (I'm not saying you guys will fight as much we do because each couple is different).

    Sounds like fun. I don't really know what her and I are going to do on Halloween. We'll probably go to a party or something.

    For them it's religiously not right and them not paying for it was their way of not supporting it. I was perfectly fine with them not paying for it as long as they left me alone about not getting married until at least 2012 (they like to keep on mentioning that I should just get married asap by Justice of Peace.
  8. That is up to him On what type of place he gets I think he said he would get an apartment I just can't wait till the day he dose get his own place and I will be able to move in with him when I am done with school. Oh I can handle living with him. Him and I get along so well and never fight we both bring the happiness and goodness out of each other. Plus I just love being around him were always having fun and having a good time with each other. Oh I am waiting till I finish school till I move out.

    Omg! Halloween is going to be so much FUN! On the 31st I am going to go with my boyfriend to Daton to go on the hunted ride should be fun! and scary lol.

    Yeah that girls parents are usually the ones that pay for the wedding. What is wrong with the cupple that are getting married and that are engaged sleeping together? I don't see anything wrong with that. You sound excited oh I so can't wait to get married someday its going to be so wonderful.
  9. WOW! Since your both so young I would suggest either living in an apartment or renting a house. Buying a home is a BIG commitment. I think it's a great idea to move in together some people can't handle living with some people and they don't know that they can't handle it until they try. I moved in with my fiance my Junior year of high school it was rough (I would suggest to anyone that unless necessary wait until out of high school to move out).

    I made plans to spend Halloween week with my maid of honor. My parents told me that they actually wants to buy me my wedding dress !!! I know that most women expect their parents to pay their whole wedding but because my parents are extremely religious until just this weekend they refused to pay for anything because they didn't support the fact that I sleep in the same bed (that's all that happens in the bed) as my fiance. So I'm pretty excited!!!
  10. Yeah I know ^ . ^ I just really can't wait to finish school he is working and saving up to get his own place and I'm going to move in with him when I finish school! I cant wait! So how did your weekend go anything new?
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