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  1. Yeah I know I hope I don't need it either.... ...........
  2. yay! :3
    oh noes D: i hope u dont need surgery, but if you do then i hope it works out okay~ :]
    oh noes~ I lost my voice DX<
  3. Yeah I am lil betterz I might need surgery on my knee thou idk yet...........
  4. you better not >.> XD
    oh noes *huggies and gives u pain meds* feel >:3
  5. Hahaha funny oh I wont >.> hehe lol. :'( my knee really hurts so bad I was almost in tears....
  6. aww lol
    *puts on professor hat* dont do anything me wouldnt do...which isn't much....wait....umm....okay *holds up kitty also with professor hat on* dont do anything he wouldn't do xD
  7. Yeah I am always happy when ever he is around and with me so its going to be a fun time being with him. hehe.
  8. alright then >.> XD aww good for u lol hope u two ahve fun then ;]
  9. Haha yeah. I am going to hangout with my boyfriend and if he doesn't have to work he is gonna stay with me on Friday and Saturday
  10. you better, again you better know x3 yush yush it is <3 i have no idea xD lul how about you? :3
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