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  1. xD lol thankies >.> *pokes ju*
  2. Oh O.O HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. awesome ^~^
    it was good i got to go out and eat for my birthday and i got stuff. :3
  4. It was a fun week I hanged out with my boyfriend the whole time!
    So how was your weekend anything new?
  5. ouu lucky :3 i wish i got out for a week. >.<
    not much just boring insignificant stuff :3 ....i think... ._.
  6. I am so happy I have been out of school all this week all I have been doing is hanging out with my boyfriend Roger and been going to the fair with him. So what have you been up to?
  7. cool i hope u have fun then XD
    ouu awesom :O i wanna miss school but we have exams =(
  8. Yeah I can't wait it is gonna be so much fun!
    Also, I get to miss school tomorrow because I'm going to IL. lol. so that's awesome lol.
  9. meepz ^^
    hopefully it will be lol
    oh cool it sounds like fun :3
    aww awesome hope you guys have a good time then lol
  10. Awesome okay!

    Oh okay cool sounds like fun!

    Oh I am going to IL. for my grandmas birthday and staying Friday and Saturday and leaving on Sunday!!!!

    I just can't wait till Sunday and all next week I am out of school and I am going to be hanging out with my boyfriend and hopefully go to the fair!!!!
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