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  1. Okay I will and yes I know if it doesn't happen then it wasn't ment to then. I am fine with that..
  2. thats good then glad to hear it... but just in case let me tell you this k... keep in mind that things wont always go as you want them to so just remember that if they dont it may be for the best just dont do anything that i would do and to be honest ive done a lot of stupid and i mean stupid things in my past im not so fond of... anyways i got to run take care Angel and have anice day k
  3. Yeah, I have been so good and so very happy i might get back with zach ^^
  4. in a way im happy for you but at the same time i feel bad... i hope u really are doing well like you say you are..well hope you enjoy ur time being single .. well got to run take care Angle and hope you keep ur head up..
  5. I broke up with him and I haven't felt this good in so long this really helped me see how big of a jerk he truly was ^_^ and now I am free of him!

    I am not I am going to enjoy being single for a bit ^^ I have been much better!
  6. well hope all in all things work out for you.. and sorry for the late reply been with this game ive been playing.. so anything new with you.. how have you been? well got to run hope ur doing well take care and have a nice day..
  7. Yeah, I am going to have a talk with him about everything today and try to make things a lot better for us. Yeah your a good friend and thanks for being there and talking to me and trying help make things better... HAPPY st patties day to you too!!!!!!!!!!!!! you take care too and have a very awesome weekend!
  8. hmm... then the best thing for you to do is talk to him and let him know how you feel and if he still continues be the way he is then leave him... thats pretty much all i can say... but of course the choice is urs so just think what you want to do and what will make you happy and things should turn out ok... well hope ur doing better... anyways got to run nice see you... take care and have a nice day laterz oh yea happy st patties day
  9. Yeah, maybe butI don't think him and I are really going to work out as I see it its going to end in heart brake....
  10. sounds like things arent going so well.. sorry to hear that... i hope things get better for you soon... sorry i havent been around lately ive been busy with family business and yea its taken all my free time away... well all i can say is keep ur head up and give up... things may seem bad but they do get better in time... well see you around till our next chat take care and have a great day
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