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  1. Are you okay is there anything wrong??????????????
  2. Besides my bf as been acting like a totle ass and jerk to me yesterday and this past week nah not really he has been making me fell so awful and down lately.....
  3. well it might be possible to add fun in my adult life..but for me i dont think thats possible cuz for one i dont have any really good friends more like people i just know rather then friends... anyways... how have you been anything new with you? sorry but im really not in the mood to be here so im gonna finish here... see you around take care andh have a nice day sorry if i sound rude today... just really not in the mood...
  4. I have been good thx. All last week I was sick so unable to do anything but I am a lot better! ^_^ During the weekend my bf parents took us and him siblings out to eat the he took me to see a movie called I am number 4. It was so awesome!
    Lame adult life huh? why so lame ^_^ just add a lil fun!
  5. sounds like ur doing good... sorry i havent been around ive been caught up with some other things... so how have you been anything new with you? ive just been taking care of lame adult life things that seem to be such a drag.... well i got to run sorry for the short message see you around and take care
  6. Well not much new really just been trying to avoid drama and have fun ^^ I have been having a really good day so far and its going to get better if I get to see my bf today! ^_^ Plus I don't have school Friday or Monday! So that's AWESOME! Any palns for this weekend? I might just hangout with my bf and go camping. ^^ Today I am goofing around with some friends at school and hanging out with my bf after school ^^ o.o oh? haha have a good shower!! :P
  7. oh well in that case nvm... so what new with you? anything kool happen to day... thanks and i did have a good day yesterday it was a blast i went out and had a kendo match with friend of mine... well hope you had a good day today and are doing alright.. see you around i got to take a shower.. well till our next chat take care
  8. Yeah, I did it was lots of fun! My bf took me out to eat and gave me a red rose it was so cute and sweet! Oh well they wasn't good friends or true I guess so its fine I still got good friends around ^^ No they wanted me to brake up with my bf for my ex and there pisst cause my bf called them a bitch and they are for what they were doing.


    I hope you are having a nice day I get out of school early hehehe yey! I can't wait! :P
  9. happy valentines day too hope you had a good one...thats not good that they stopped being friends.. in my opinion they shouldnt be fighting cuz you wanted to date ur ex... well i have no really plans i just go with the flow.. cuz plans never go as they are planned so i just go with what comes my way..

    Awe thanks your a really good friend ^^
    Well my friends 2 of em were not friends no more cause of it but I guess they wasn't true good friends. It doesn't batter me much so I'm good.

    So anything planed for today? ^^
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