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  1. ok then i use my wind ability and creat a vortex thats even to fast for me to stop and then i drag the clouds down into the vortex and create a cloud cover and then i create 6 smaller vortex'es and have them aimed at you and i then launch water out of the 1st and 4rd vortex and rocks in the 2nd and 5th vortex and fire in the 3rd and 6th vortex then i hide myself in the vortex....
  2. I use my wind ability to blow the rocks away then I use my earth ability to shake the earth and have the rock cave in the surrounding area.

    I am going to luch in a min and I will be back plz continue and I will reply back as soon as I beck back on. ^_^
  3. sweet.... this is getting interesting.... guess i dont have to hold back... with my wind ability i cover myself nd use the wind to weather the earth and break free then i use my wind ability once more and launch a larger sky covered attack of rocks at you... then use my time ability and hide myself in the surrounding area....
  4. hmmm okay I will use my wind ability so reverse the tornado and slow it down a bit and use my water ability to shot myself out and use my earth ability to pull u down under.
  5. so imprison me in a wall of fire... not bad..... then id have to use my wind ability to inclose ur fire and suffocate the fire and watch as it dies out... then ill use my time ability and get behind you and launch you in the with a blast of wind and then create a tornado and have you trapped in it....
  6. Sounds like fun lets do it! ^_^

    -thinks- hmm well I would travel a few mins. back before you got to be able to imprison me and blast you with water and surround you with a wall of fire.
  7. well thats not fare but ok.... so the four elements and time travel.... thats a good choice... ok so lets have a battle senario k....
    how would you prevent me from placing you in a ball like prison made from wind thats accelerates 200 MPH every 5 seconds, and at the same time every 5 seconds that pass inside the prison you began to suffocating.... but lets say im useing the same time ability as you so you can use time....? how would you excape...?
    sorry but if you dont want to do this then dont worry just tell me i just bored out of my mind and i was thinking of a battle senorio in my head......with ur abilities rivalling mine.... well i got to go take care and have a great friday k....
  8. Well if I could have any power I would want to be able to control the 4 elements and the ability to time travel.
  9. thats good... glad to hear ur doing well.... well no sence over reacting so hope you dont mind me changing the subject but umm... if you could have any special ability or power what would it be...? i have only two and thats the ability of time control and the power to use the wind like the avatar the last air bender.... so mind if iask what you would like to have....?
  10. Yeah.. Well it hasn't been hurting for awhile or have any pain at all so that's good.
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