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  1. thats not kool sorry to hear that.... hope you heal fast.... na nothing new with me excpet working and watching anime. so how did you hurt urself in the first place if you dont mind me asking...oh yea im also planning totake a trip to the moutains this weekend for exploreing and some kendo practice too.... all in all i hope you make a speedy recovery and are back on your feet.... well i got to run take care and have a nice day...
  2. I have been good thx hbu? I wasn't on here because I sprong my ankle and knee.... It still hurts.... manly my ankle hurts so much right now..... Other then that nothing new hbu?...
  3. kool glad that you and i can be friends.... sorry about the other day i had to go to work... but my day was mind if i ask how have you been? anything new with you....?
  4. Yeah we can be friends ^^ So how is your day going so far? Mines good!
  5. im into all kinds of anime... like code geass, bleach, darker than black, black bloood brothers, and so much more i just can name all of them right now.... sorry but i got to go but it was nice meeting you hope you and i can be friends....
  6. Hello ^^ my name is Jenny So what anime are you into? Well I hope we can be friends. ^^
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