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  1. oh yes! Thank god to! It has been getting warmer out ^_^ how has it been at your end?.?
  2. lolz by that i guees you mean good weather is coming around lolz
  3. Well nm really new is going on with me sept I am wearing a skert today for the frist time hehe
  4. fair stuff anyway what else you been up to latley any carzy stuips and real fun andventures or something?
  5. Yeah, later down the road I'll see if its gonna work or not so far its been okay. I juat think a lil distence is good right now.
  6. fair stuff... just see if he'll pull his weight and then you'll find out.
  7. Yeah, I am trying to work thing out and try to see if he has changed and he has a lil and the girl he cheated on me with has a bf but that wont stop her I don't think... idk anyways I have major trust issus and its gonna be awhile till he gets it back... I am just so depressed..
  8. i haven't met your boyfriend, but i think people deserve a second chance not a third.
    it's sounding like you've given him ten chances? i'mn not saying my view is dump him,
    but just see how much he has pulled his weight and if he's had the chance to.
    If he doesn't, make him.
    if he doesn't respond the way he should, and you haven't heard the reason i don't know
    what's up. And if he's cheated on that girl before he'll do it again if he's continiously visiting her, that's my guees i've never met him so i won't know how he thinks about
    life, meaning i don't know he'll do.
  9. ex that came to visit her bf and he wanted to see her and still like her as a friend and this is a girl he cheated on me with more then I can count so I don't trust me at all right now cause all this shit he put me throw the past and now he says he likes her as a friend and loves me and just been stressing me out...
  10. thats not to great... do you know why hes been jerk latley though?
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