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  1. I am okay not sick but sick of my bf he has been to tole ass and jerk to me this past week and yesterday was awful...
  2. ha you late reply i'm the one continiously making late replies
    but anyway you still sick or all good now i'm trying to get one every day now so AO is going to be a part of schedule i think ;D
  3. Awe I am sorry to hear that well if you wanna talk I'm here for ya I get those kinda days sometimes but its been getting better.

    I been sick all last week so haven't been able to get on lately... sorry..
  4. soz for the late reply again lolz
    not been up to much im in a sort of depresion now i dont realy know why i get pissed of at minor things it realy bugs me
    its like a bad stomach feeling i cant get rid of.
    its not too great, i even try to just enjoy life then i wake up the next morning feeling miserable
  5. Well its better now I did badly sprong it lil well back. Everything is fine now. So how have you been anything new?
  6. soz for the late reply again lolz .
    but whats wrong with your knee?
  7. Its my knee my ankle is better I might need surgery on my knee.....
  8. does your ankle still hurt sry for the late reply
  9. Oh cool sounds fun no IL stands for illinose. I wasn't on here because I sprong my ankle and knee.... It still hurts.... manly my ankle hurts so much right now.....
  10. i like it good news im going to the zoo closeby and dey have panguins happy and fun times.
    gonna nik penguin there if i can lolz and by IL do you mean ireland?
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