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  1. yep heres the list: wake up, do morning stuff, go up town, hunt friends down, hang out, go home, eat, sleep... i think thats it lol and i think the reason why u r so hyper is coz ur talkin 2 me i have that efect on people lolz
  2. woooow lol thats alot lol omg i'm like sooo hyper and i have no clue why lol. so have any plans for this weekend?.?
  3. im good nutn much happenin apart from bombarding the internet with about 5000 windows and roundabout 1000000 tabs lolz
  4. lol oh really thats pretty badz haha yeah that attends to happen when ur not on a site for so long. but hey its really nice meeting you! so how are ya?.?
  5. yeah sure dont know you but what the hell i havent been on in a while sooooo my memory has kinda fded of who i do and dont know lolz
  6. helloooo how are you? ^^ i'm jenny ^^ wanna be friends?
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